Do I need to pay a membership fee to be a part of The Dinner Club?
Absolutely not! There are no membership or commitment requirements at The Dinner Club. If utilizing our website, we do require you to register on our secure website so we can track orders you place with us.

Is The Dinner Club expensive?
We buy high-quality ingredients at wholesale prices and pass the savings to our customers. At a cost of about $5 a serving, the pricing of our meals is less expensive than fast food. We believe you will find our program will not only reduce your overall food expenditures, but it will also provide you with very high quality meals and more time for your family.

How do our meals differ from other prepared foods?
Most of our entrees are more nutritionally balanced than fast-food and processed meals, and taste delicious too. The meals at The Dinner Club are prepared with high quality ingredients, such as restaurant-quality meats, seafood and poultry, which are superior to what you can buy at a grocery store.

The Dinner Club offers whole-wheat options for rice, pasta, and tortillas and we use low-fat dairy products where available. We often use fresh herbs over dried, real flavorings, juices, and fresh produce whenever possible. We do not add preservatives during meal assembly (although some canned ingredients, such as chicken broth and other staples, may already contain some).

How is The Dinner Club different than companies that ship you the recipe and ingredients?
A growing trend are the companies that ship you all the ingredients and recipe information to prepare your meals at home. The biggest difference with these types of services is the amount of prep work you still have to do at home. We do all the chopping at our facility so all you have to do is cook the food. This will save you a lot of time in preparing your meals. Another big difference is those meals need to be prepared within a couple days of receiving them. With ever changing schedules, it is nice to not have to make a meal if you don't need it. Save it for when you need it most. And finally, the cost of these meals is quite a bit higher than the meals you receive at The Dinner Club. Our cost per serving is significantly lower without all the big company cost and shipping expenses.

How much freezer space will I need?
Most of our meals are stored in freezer bags to allow for more freezer space and to give you the opportunity to serve these meals in your own dishes. This is a great time to clean out those freezer-burned items and replace them with fresh and healthy meals.

What do I need to bring?
You will need to bring a cooler or laundry basket to transport your meals back to your home. We highly recommend bringing a cooler during the warmer months. You will also need to have your hair restrained to ensure the cleanliness of our facility. We do provide bandanas and hair bands for your convenience. For entrees prepared in a foil pan, feel free to bring your own dish for serving and presentation purposes. We do supply disposable containers and freezer bags. We also provide aprons but you will want to wear comfortable clothes and shoes that could potentially get soiled while working in our kitchen.

What if I need to reschedule?
We definitely understand busy schedules and unforeseen emergencies. However The Dinner Club prides itself in procuring fresh ingredients prior to your arrival. We would appreciate as much notice as possible but do require a minimum 48 hour notice to reschedule. We would be happy to apply credit towards a future session; otherwise, for an additional fee, we can prepare the meals for you to be picked up or delivered. Please call us at (708) 579-3433 or email us to reschedule.

How do I cook these meals at home?
Every meal will be labeled with cooking instructions. Most meals will need to be defrosted in the refrigerator for about two days prior to cooking. To give you more variety at the dinner club, our meals are prepared in different ways such as oven, grill, stove-top, crock pot and more. 

Can I re-freeze my meals once they are thawed?
For the taste and safety of your meal, you should not re-freeze your meals unless you have cooked them. Once they are baked or heated, they can be frozen safely if properly packaged and sealed. Meals can be frozen for up to six months in a deep freezer prior to cooking. If they are stored in a freezer you open often, we recommend using within three months.