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Flexible Sessions! (Suspended temporarily.)

The Dinner Club now offers Flexible Sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. No reservation required! Come in between the hours of 12PM and 6PM and make up to 4 dinners of your choice to use that week or in the weeks ahead. Pick any meal from the current month menu (while supplies last). Each full-size dinner, which serves 4-6 people each, costs $27.99. You also have the option to split most of our dinners in half so that you get two dinners that serve 2-3 people each ($1 per meal split fee). This new option is a great opportunity to make 1 to 4 home-made dinners for your family.

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VIP Text List

Sign up for The Dinner Club's VIP Text List to receive special offers, alerts about specials and reminders.

Plus, simply by joining our VIP Text List, you will receive a special promotion for $10 off your next meal package purchase of 8 or more meals or $5 off a purchase of $50 or more. Simply text "dinner time" to 888-340-0087, or click here to register now.

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Private Kids in the Kitchen Events Now Available!

Are you looking to plan your next Girl Scout or youth outing or looking to plan a unique Birthday party? The Dinner Club can assist you in hosting a private Kids in the Kitchen session. Below is some information about these events:

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Free Delivery to Businesses and Schools

Do you work at a school or a business where others would benefit from having The Dinner Club meals? We offer a free delivery program to schools and businesses. Freshly assembled meals are delivered in freezer tote bags that hold the meals at a safe temperature. A special discount is available for first-time deliveries on top of the free delivery (up to $30 off a meal package purchase). This program is available with minimum order requirements, and free delivery is based on location of school or business. Please email or call us for more information.

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Check in on Facebook or Twitter to win a FREE DINNER!

Check In and Win!

When you visit The Dinner Club, make sure to "Check In" on Facebook or tag us on Instagram using #dinnerclublagrangepark to be automatically entered into our monthly drawing for free dinners!

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Club Care

Club Care was designed to help people support friends, family, and neighbors by providing them with meals during a time of need. Whether it be a new baby, surgery, illness or loss.

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Kids in the Kitchen!

Looking for something fun and productive to do with your kids? Develop their love for cooking or tweak their interest by bringing them to one of our many Kids in the Kitchen sessions offered one Saturday a month. Kids 8 years and older are welcome to our special Kids in the Kitchen sessions which are noted on our ordering calendar. Come with your child and assemble as many dinners that work for your family. These sessions are created so kids 8 years and older can attend a session with their parent and help in making their meals.

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Are we too busy?

It is almost funny that my last post was about being "Too busy to blog!" Now almost two months later, I am writing my next post. I went to a seminar this week about staying in touch via social media for your business and they said to post at least one blog a week. I think I am failing miserably. The crazy thing is I really do have a lot of great things to share, as do many of us busy working moms. And I mean whether you work outside the home or are home full-time - either way it's full time!