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The Next Master Chef

Truth be told, my husband and I love the show Master Chef. Watching so called "home cooks" compete to be the next Master Chef is quite entertaining to us. First of all, these contestants cook like trained chefs and I have a feeling, they have a little behind the scenes help. Regardless, the show is entertaining and it is fun to see the creations these chefs come up with. Our kids enjoy watching it too, especially the kid version of the show. Funny thing is they constantly want to have cooking competitions in our kitchen ever since we watched an episode a couple months ago. I have to admit I always cringe at the thought as it just means a messy kitchen for me but at the same time, seeing them excited to cook up something that they came up with on their own is awesome. Recently my 5 year old competed with my 10 year old. Clearly one of them had more experience but both were extremely creative and most importantly, their creations were edible (picture below)! My 10 year old actually used orange zest and my 5 year old used clementines and blueberries - I was one proud mama! I also have to admit the 10 year old sprinkled her creation with Nerds and the 5 year old used Starbursts and some other candy that I couldn't identify. Too funny yet too cute! Encouraging your kids to be in the kitchen is really important and will benefit them for many years to come. If your kids are 12 and older, bring them with you the next time you come to The Dinner Club. We have found kids take more of an interest in what's for dinner and even become more adventurous eaters too! Do your kids like to cook? We would love to hear from you.

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