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Back to school, back to chaos!

I had an unusally lazy summer day recently and it was absolutely lovely! I was hanging out by a friend's pool and one of the ladies said "I need your help!" Feeling the chaos of a full-time job, busy kids schedules, and picky eaters, my friend said dinnertime is such a struggle for her and she is giving up on dinners with the family. Because of everything mentioned, they end up eating out a lot or just getting something at the drive-thru. Can anyone relate? We certainly can! One of our sons recently started football. With practices starting after 5 p.m., dinnertime just got a little more challenging. Its no wonder families do so much fast food during sports seasons - it is really hard to plan ahead.

We are thankful that The Dinner Club helps so many people during this busy time of year. Coming to our store and either picking up dinners or taking an hour and half to make dinners for the month ahead can actually be a huge time saver and a very healthy decision for your family. Not only are our meals delicious and easy to prepare, they are made with high-quality ingredients that you can feel good serving to your busy family. And for $4 a serving, our meals are less expensive than eating out. This time of year, we often hear "The Dinner Club has changed my life!" Music to our ears! To view our current month's menu and session availability, just click here.

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