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Too Busy to Blog!

For weeks now I have been saying I need to add a new blog post. It's crazy how time flies by and you look back and have no idea where it went! I thought once we finished up the holiday season, more free time would magically appear. How wrong was I! With all the kids activities, working, cleaning, shopping, laundry, squeezing in some much needed exercise and more, there is just no time left. Although I sound like I'm complaining, I'm really not. All the fun things I get to do with my kids and my awesome hubby, our warm and cozy home, an abundance of clothes, great friends, a fabulous chuch that I love volunteering at, our terrific little business that has the best staff and customers ever - there really is so much to be thankful for! Although all these things are wonderful, life is busy and it is hard to take time to just sit down and relax. Its hard to finish off the "to do" list without adding another 10 things that need to be done after you do the first 10 things. One thing I am super thankful for is the ability to cross off "Plan dinner." from my list. Its hard enough to go to the grocery store to buy breakfast and lunch foods, but the days of buying all the ingredients for a few dinners are thankfully over. The Dinner Club meals are so nice to have and we hope that you also take advantage of having our dinners on hand for those busy crazy weeks that never seem to go away. Visit our website to see this months delicious menu!

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