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New Year Resolutions

The new year always makes us pause and momentarily ponder how we can start this new year off on the right foot. I believe for the most part we really do intend to follow these resolutions but I wonder if there is a study that shows the average amount of time most of us stick to these resolutions. I would like to think it is longer than a couple of weeks. I am sure the most common resolutions are related to diet, exercise and some form of time management. With the cold winter months upon us, it certainly is easy to pack on a few extra pounds to keep us warm by binging on comfort foods and to stay in bed longer instead of getting up early and attempting to go to the gym. I think the resolution word that best describes my goals is balance.
I have a lot of things to balance with my family but I also need to fit in time for myself including some form of exercise and most importantly what I call "quiet time." It is so important for me to take care of my self spiritually and mentally as that helps me stay balanced in all areas of my life. If one of your resolutions includes eat healthy, spend more time with my family or anything similar, The Dinner Club can be your new years resolutions best friend! Feeding your family delicious, healthy meals is easy when using our meals and it will give you plenty of extra time to spend with your family. Less shopping, chopping and mopping = more time with your family. Visit our website to see our current menu and session availability.

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